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Spinner's Pizza and Pub - 22 Picotte Dr. Albany, NY

The many fans and followers of the Red Baron and Pizza Nook's pizza reviews issued a warning: The weather is far too bad to even consider another night out of pizza reviews. But we serve a great cause, review pizza for the many at almost any cost. So out the door we went this saturday night to bring you insider information on where to possibly find great pizza. At long last and under dismall weather conditions we we made our way to Spinners Pizza and Pub at 22 Picotte Drive, Albany NY. A newly remodeled dining area is the first thing you see and it leaves a nice impression for dining.

Now to the good stuff, we ordered a large cheese and pepperoni pizza from the menu and couldn't wait for it to arrive. As you can see the pizza looked really good. First bites brought a smile to our faces and we both felt like maybe we stumbled upon a winner here. We continued eating and conversation slowed down as we both we very impressed. I could go through the usual breakdown of the crust amount of sauce, but today we keep it simple. What an excellent pizza we had received. Great overall taste, crispy crust on every bite and it seemed the perfect amount of everything. We both remarked this was a different pepperoni than usual, it was more flavorful and of a higher quality. Pizza Nook, our cheese expert, loved the cheese. There was very little to bring home but of course we did use the box to go. It got snacked on later in the night. On top of all else our wait staff was very good which just made things better.

The Nook and I discussed this whole evening and we feel we should recommend strongly getting a pizza at Spinners. They made our job fun and tasty. So our scores go like this: The Red Baron scores a 93% and the Pizza Nook a solid 95%. We can't wait to hear from you, drop us a note when you get a chance. All our bests, RB+PN.


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