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The Red Front - Troy, NY

Took the Pizza Nook deep into the Italian section of Troy for some pizza action. The Saturday night crowd was good in the restaurant section of Red Front. Service came quickly and we ordered our large pizza. Red Front has a few styles of pizza; most famous is the "cheese on bottom (COB)" pizza, sauce on top, so we went with that. The pizza arrived quickly and definitely has a different appearance with it's rectangle shape and sauce on top. Being a sauce lover, it made me smile.

Pizza Nook sat silent. I was hungry as I usually plan to go on our pizza tour in this condition. I guess I figure I will eat more pizza and judge more accurately. The slices were a touch sloppy so we served to our plates carefully. My first bite was good because I like a sweet tomato sauce. I dug in for action but Pizza Nook ate slow. I asked my food companion for her opinion a few times but realize now she was being polite.

I ate 3 slices and Pizza Nook and 1 and a 1/2. I kind of liked the softer texture of the dough and sweet sauce. We wrapped up the leftovers for home. In the car, Pizza Nook was honest with her opinion. She said "they forgot the cheese". I said "no way", but realized it was kind of short on cheese. Pizza Nook then said that she did not feel like we went out for pizza and compared it to a mushy plate of cheese and sauce. I felt guilty we went but growing up in South Troy, I had a whole childhood of Red Front Pizza. Maybe nostalgia got the best of me.

The scores- Red Baron: 71%, Pizza Nook 50%.


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