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Tipsy Moose Vandenburg Ave Troy NY

Inclement Weather will not stop the Pizza duo from finding great Pizza for you. A harsh Friday night did not hinder The Red Baron and the Pizza Nook from following up on a recent tip to try a pizza from the Tipsy Moose in south Troy. Once inside we discussed that Tipsy Moose is not a dedicated Pizza stop off place but does have its own variation of several styles of pizza. Like a fastball straight down the middle, lets see how they do with an order of 1 large pepperoni please.

Service very good from the start and the pizza arrived on time. It certainly had a nice look and cut to it and we were hungry. First bite super hot so nothing to report yet. We settled into finishing our first piece and both came to the conclusion something is different here. But what. As we continued to eat we both agreed the cheese ,sauce, and crust were good but what was this unique flavour difference? I think frustration set in on my part not recognizing this unique flavour but the Nook said just eat and enjoy. So, we did finishing this Nicely put together 15 inch pie. We usually like to break down ingredients one by one and and discuss a place's unique style but this on left us swinging and missing at what exactly it was. Our best guess is they had some extra zip in there sauce and our compliments to the chef. After all we ate the whole pie.

I guess in closing this off We both want to say we enjoyed our Pizza at the Tipsy Moose and would say don't be afraid to give it a try. Scoring today , I give the tipsy Moose a %89 and the Pizza Nook scores it a % 90. These are really good scores seeing that I doubt Pizza is the biggest selling item at this Hipster go to place.

Listen folks we are back on the job and will find you the best pizza around no matter what.

Thankyou all, Red Baron and Pizza Nook.


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