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Tony's Frozen Pizza

Another day another review and it goes into a new category. Frozen pizza from the markets frozen food section. We have all had a reason to eat eat frozen pizza and I judge no-one for there reason whatever it be. Today we put Tony's frozen pizza to the test but will use the same scoring always. %1 to %100 like the high school test they gave on Fridays back in school.

Ok the Tony highlights. Tony boasts of

%100 real mozzarella cheese, and %25 larger Pie then its competitor Jacks frozen pizza. Tony's box also has a kids game to keep everyone occupied while they wait for the pizza to come out of the box. Nook and I gave the game a chance just to stay in the spirit of a fair pizza review but probably wont play a second time.

Now on to the pizza. We preheated our oven to 400 degrees and popped it into the oven. 12 minutes later our pizza was definitely done, maybe even a minute or so to long in the oven. Not the greatest looking pie is the first impression I had. Nook said I bet its not bad. First bites caught us both off guard as this is definitely a thin crust pizza. Each bite had a noticeably crunch or crackle.. After we got past the noise of the pizza, Nook said, hey this isn't bad. Then she said, I actually like it. I have to be fair and say the cheese and sauce were definitely not bad. It kind of left a nice Italian style after taste in our mouths.

Lets wrap this up. I hope to not have to eat frozen pizza on a regular basis but would I rule Tony's out from another purchase, no. Another positive was it only cost $2.99 and with our store bonus points about $2.00 approx. So if I worked for Tony's I'd continue to advertise, real cheese and a bigger Pie then the others.

Our finale scores and remember this goes in a new category of frozen pizza. The Red Baron %62 and The pizza Nook %74. More to come folks very soon.

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1 Comment

Feb 28, 2022

At least its a nice box

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