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Villa Di Como Ristorante - Albany, NY

Pizza reviews that's what we do and we have a good one today. Visited Villa di Como on Lark St in Albany as many people told us we could get a great Authentic Italian pizza there. Lets see.

Parking not so easy but hey it's Albany and expected. Once inside the place is really nice and saw a few Local Lark St Bigshots. Our waiter was on point all night and boosted of the owner and chef's extensive travel and cooking skills right from Italy. Lets see if this turns out to be as good as its been drummed up to be. We ordered a pepperoni Pizza and it was out in no time. It looked pretty darn good I must say. The Pizza wasn't the biggest and I kinda want to put this pizza into what we'd call a fancy pizza category. The pizza was cut perfect so no problem with first piece selection and getting your slice to the plate. First bite REALLY hot so we slowed our game down a touch. Bite 2 the Nook and I both said, this crust is very light and super crunchy. To us this means there Italian imported flour was true, and impressive. Our cheese and sauce were also very very good and definitely hand made from scratch. The pizza did show slight signs of Olive oil and it added to the overall taste. Nook and I want to say, this pizza was different from what we are used to locally and in a good way. Very tasty in the mouth, light to handle and no stomach discomfort at all. It kinda made you want to eat faster, pizza lovers know what we will mean. Pizza makers know what's going on here. A super pizza effort is put into these Pie's. Yes we are saying this pizza was made with love and it tasted it.

Ok lets score this Pizza. I said all that needs to be said on our pizza and took everything into consideration, so, my score is a %95 and the Pizza Nook scores a % 94, high honor role. Definitely a date night type of pizza. Go to the Villa di Como Ristorante and impress your date with your choice of Dining. See you all soon.....Red Baron and the Pizza Nook.


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