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Wheatfield's Pizza and Wine Bistro - Clifton Park, NY

Local pizza expert says go to Wheatfield's pizza and Wine Bistro at 54 Crossings Blvd Clifton Park for some awesome pizza. We don't ignore pizza tips especially from experts so off we went. Right off the bat we noticed Wheatfield's was a very nice place with comfortable seating. I only mention this because it makes our scoring easier feeling so upscale. That being said lets get down to pizza business Our waiter informed us they serve a variety of pizza's but are 10" inch pies. Being seriously hungry for pizza we decided to get 2. 1 a margarita and 1 a pepperoni. The pizza arrived at the Table and you can see they look pretty nice. I had to go with the Margarita slice first and Nook grabbed a pepperoni. First observation was the crust was very very thin and light. I folded my slice and bit in. Decided to have a few more bites before I issued any statement. The pizza was prepared with a thin layer of Mozzarella and a small slice of tomato which i believe was a sauce alternative. The pizza did taste good but threw me off my pizza game. The pizza nook finished her 1st slice of pepperoni and said basically the same thing but said her pepperoni was top notch. I had 3 slices very fast and Nook wasn't far behind. I cannot score this type pizza as a standard pie, i have no choice but to put this in the category of fancy Pizza or date night Pizza.. I do believe our pizza were skillfully made and presented well but it just wasn't what either of us was looking for. You know your mouth brain and stomach have a certain feel when you get full from your favorite food.

To wrap this up, I'd say, if your going on a date this is a great place. If you want to get full on pizza maybe not. I realize others may not agree but everyone has there own preferences and we respect them all. Finale scores are Red Baron %83 and Pizza Nook %86. Thank you to our growing list of tipsters and fellow Bloggers. RB+PN


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23 de fev. de 2022



Powerlifting Girl
Powerlifting Girl
22 de fev. de 2022

I went here once but not for the pizza... The pepperoni looks good at least. Hey check out Madison's Pizza

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