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Zia's Pizza - 4 Elm St, Nassau NY

A week removed don't worry we didn't forget to write our review of Zia's Pizza In Nassau NY.

A busy Friday night Pizza rush at Zia's saw a staff hustling around but we still managed to order our typical Large Pepperoni Pizza. We took our seats at Zia's and our Pizza arrived right on time. Now before we go to far I have to say the young store manager was very pleasant and good at his job checking on us several times and really caring about the food his team served up even under busy Friday night pizza conditions.

Our Pizza arrived and our first observation was it looked a touch oily, not always a bad thing but lets see. Diving in we both said, this tastes pretty good, nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Finishing piece 1 I was a little suspicious they may have rushed our pizza out maybe needing another 60 seconds in the oven. Was the sauce good, yes, cheese good, yes but maybe a little heavy, was the crust tasty, yes, but like we said maybe just a little under cooked. Our Friday night after work hunger kept us eating 3 pieces each and we both felt a little bogged down. The pizza was heavy and maybe a touch uncomfortable. Was our Pizza tasty Yes, but you know the feeling when things digest well or not. We believe Zia's Makes a good Pizza and the staff was great but this one need a little more crisp to it.

Our finale scores are Red Baron %77 and the Pizza nook %83. It was a good Pizza environment.

Thankyou all, Red Baron and Pizza Nook.

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1 Comment

Jan 17, 2023

i bet you 2 are fat from all this pizza. Get a life, try eating a salad now and then.

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